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Page last edited on 23 April, 2003

Concept of God in Islam

"The God of all is the One God. There is no god but He." (Al-Qur’ an, 20:98)

He is uncreated, from eternity to eternity.
"No son did God beget not there is any god along with Him. (If there were many gods) each god would have taken away what he had created. Some would have tried to overcome others." (Al-Qur’ an, 23:91)

  • "He begets not, neither He is begotten."(Al-Qur’ an, 112:3)
  • "There is no example of Him." (Al-Qur’ an, 42:11)
  • "He is always alive." (Al-Qur’ an, 3:2)
  • "Neither slumber nor sleep overtakes him."(Al-Qur’ an, 2:55)
  • "He never commits a mistake nor forgets."(Al-Qur’ an, 20:52)
  • "He comprehends all things in His Knowledge." (Al-Qur’ an, 20:98)
  • "He commands justice---He forbids all shameful deeds." (Al-Qur’ an, 16:90)
  • "He never commands what is shameful."(Al-Qur’ an, 7:28)

    "With Him are the keys of the unseen. The treasures that no one knows but He. He knows whatever there is on the earth and in the sea. Not a leaf falls without His knowledge. There is neither a grain in the darkness of earth nor anything fresh or dry but it is in a clear Record." (Al-Qur’ an, 6:59)

  • ‘He is most gracious most merciful."
  • "Allah, he is Reality." (Al-Qur’ an, 22:62)
  • "He cannot be questioned for His acts, but they will be questioned."
    (Al-Qur’ an, 21:23)


  • "With Him is (the Knowledge) of the secrets of the Heavens and the earth. How clearly He sees. How finely He hear (everything)". (Al-Qur’ an, 18:26)

    These are a few of the qualities of God-Al-mighty. He has given you all that you ask for Consider the Favours of God Al-Mighty Our creator knows all our needs. There are many things, which he has already given us even without being asked. He reminds us to His favours so that we may be grateful to him.

  • "And it is He who makes the nights a covering for you and the sleep (as) repose."
    (Al-Qur’ an, 25:47)
  • " Who has made the earth firm to live in, made rivers in its midst; set immovable mountains upon it." (Al-Qur’ an, 27:61)

"It is He who sends the winds as heralds of glad tidings going before his mercy (rain) and sent down pure water from the sky, to give life to dead land and drink to many of the cattle and men that he has created. And He distributes the water amongst them." So many favours, imagine life without any of these.

"If you would count up the favours of God, never would you be able to number them."
(Al-Qur’ an, 16:18, 22:6)

"He gives you all that you ask for, but if you count the favours of God, never will you be able to number them. Every man is given up to injustice and ingratitude."
(Al-Qur’ an, 14:34)

Is it correct to thank others instead of Him?
Many people thank demigods for the bounties, which is actually from God Almighty. There are advertisements in newspaper thanking various saints, gods and goddess like St. Agnel, Mother Mary etc. People take vows of travelling on foot to various shrines to thank these deities on various occasions like birth of a child, good harvest, beneficial in business etc.

He declares, "If you show ingratitude, you and all on the earth together yet God Almighty is free of all wants."
(Al-Qur’ an, 14:8)

Truly Allah is full of Bounty to mankind; but most of them are ungrateful.
(Al-Qur’ an, 10:60)

He provides the Profit as well as Loss People even flock to astrologers and various godmen for seeking benefits, But God advice’s
"Do not invoke besides Allah, any that will neither profit you nor hurt you but if you did so you shall certainly be one of the wrong doers." (Al-Qur’ an, 10:106)

He provides a logical reason for it. "If Allah does touches you with hurt there is no one who can remove it but if He intends to do any good for you, then there is non who can stop his favour which he causes it to reach whomsoever of his slaves He wills."
(Al-Qur’ an, 10:107)
And gives an assurance,
"He is the Best to reward and the Best to give success."
(Al-Qur’ an, 18:44)

"There is no moving creature on earth but its provision is due from Allah."
(Al-Qur’ an, 11:6)
Allah increases the provisions for whom He wills and straightens it for whom He wills.
(Al-Qur’ an, 13:26)

Thus instead of approaching the weak and the dependent why not turn our face to the one who is the provider of provisions to all? God Almighty reminds us again and again that it is he who provides the provisions. ‘You worship besides God Almighty only idols and you only invent falsehood. Verily those whom you worship beside God Almighty have no powers to give you provisions so ask your provisions from Him (alone) and worship Him (alone) and be grateful to Him (alone).(Al-Qur’ an, 29:17)

The most trust worthy handhold

There are many cult figures, godmen and philosophers who attract huge crowd. They impress with their magical speech. Some even do tricks like spitting out fire, or walking on water through which people get carried away emotionally. Many of these figures have followers from all the walks of life. The rich and the affluent have their private godmen whom they approach when in trouble and seek a way out. We even come across news when such Fake godmen are arrested on charge of rape, fraud etc. But God Almighty assures His believers to put their trust only in Him. To Him they should invoke when in trouble. He is sufficient for us and He is the best Disposer of affairs. "And rely upon the Ever Living who does not die."
(Al-Qur’ an, 25:58)

"And upon God Almighty let the believers rely." (Al-Qur’ an, 14:12)

"He is your protector and excellent is the protector and excellent is the Helper." (Al-Qur’ an, 22:78)

And why should we not rely upon Almighty? Why should we take a protector other than Him, since He is creator of the Heavens and the earth. It is He who feeds all these cult figures and philosophers, Whereas, He Himself never requires to be fed. In fact we have distanced ourselves from our Protector and Helper, by being deluded by the weaker gods. We have not appraised God with true appraisal. We have underestimated his assurance and power, many of us are ready to spend huge amount of money to make our patrons happy. There are rich women who donate their jewelleries to their favourite shrines. Some people approach these fake gods to get rid of the burden of his sins from their heart. Although God Almighty proposes His mercy to his creation.
"O my servants, who have transgressed against themselves, do not despair in the mercy of Allah. Indeed He forgives all sins" .
(Al-Qur’ an, 39:53)
"And when my slaves ask you concerning me. Indeed I am near. I respond to the invocation of the supplicant when he calls me. So let them respond to me."
(Al-Qur’ an, 2: 186)
Now it is left to us to chose between the right and the wrong. "So whoever rejects false gods and believes in Allah has indeed grasped the most trustworthy handhold with no break in it." (Al-Qur’ an, 2:256)


No one has seen God. Yet we can know about him through is signs. The Might of his power can be understood by giving thought to the creation of the heavens and the earth. He has not created these aimlessly. We should consider the wonderful things that He has created.

"And of His signs is that He created you from dust, them suddenly you are human being dispersing". (Throughout the earth). "And among His signs is that He created for you from yourselves mates that you may find tranquility in them; and He placed between you affection and mercy. Indeed in that there are signs for people who give thought". (Al-Qur’ an, 30:21)

No one can claim to have seen mercy or affection. But it is felt in ourselves who is responsible for its existence? We must give a thought to it. And of His Signs are the creation of the heavens and the earth and the diversity of your languages and your colours – Indeed in that are signs for those of knowledge.(Al-Qur’ an, 30:22)

"And of His signs is your sleep by night and day and your seeking of His bounty. Indeed in that are signs for people who listen." (Al-Qur’ an, 30:23)
People who views with scientific aspect as well as collect statistical data’s, should be amazed at the number of languages spoken all around the world. How did this variety come into existence? God Almighty again reminds us about His sings.

"And of His signs is (that) He shows you lightning causing fear and aspiration and He sends down rain from the sky by which He brings to life the earth after its lifelessness. Indeed in that are signs for a people who use reason. (Al-Qur’ an, 30:24)

The various phenomena’s of life and nature are definitely the signs of God Almighty who run the entire administration of this universe. Man should not ignore it. Finally He warns, "And who is more unjust than one who is reminded of the verses of his Lord, then He turns away from them."(Al-Qur’an, 32:22)

Only He has the knowledge of all unseen
What is unseen? Unseen does not only mean. "What is going to happen tomorrow? But it is beyond that. It includes things which we cannot see i.e. Paradise, hell, life after death, people who have passed away before us, tomorrow etc; unseen also includes that we see but we do not vision or perceive e.g. number of leaves on a trees, number of hair on our body, what is in the heart of a person with whom we are talking to ,etc. No one in the world can claim to know all the unseen.

Only God Almighty knows it.And with Him are the keys of the unseen. No one knows them but he and he (alone) know whatever is in the earth and in the sea. Not a leaf but he knows it. There is not a grain in the darkness of the earth, nor anything fresh or dry but it is written in a clear record.(Al-Qur’ an, 6:59)

If the ocean were ink (to write out) the words of my Lord, sooner the ocean be exhausted than the words of my Lord, even if we added another ocean like it for its aid.(Al-Qur’ an, 18:109)
"He is the knower of all things hidden and open". (Al-Qur’ an, 32:6)

Man is given but a very little knowledge
If we put together all the knowledge of entire mankind, yet it will be nothing compared to the knowledge of our Lord. He makes it clear "And of the knowledge mankind is given but very little." (Al-Qur’ an, 17:85)

When trouble touches a Man
Many times in our life we experience trouble or a stressful crisis. Quite naturally we cry out to our creator instantly. God Almighty reminds us of the same. "When trouble touches a man he invokes us lying down on his side or sitting or standing. But when we have removed his trouble from him he passes on his ways as if he has never invoked us for a harm that had touched him.(Al-Qur’ an, 10:12)

Even Prophets and Saints do not have any power God Almighty has all the power of protection with him. He asks us; "Who is it in whose hand is the governance of all things who protects but is not protected." (Al-Qur’ an, 23:88)

He is a complete master of all the affairs "He makes none to share his decisions." (Al-Qur’ an, 18:26)
He tells His Prophet to say "Say, I have no power over any harm or profit to myself except what Allah may will." (Al-Qur’ an, 10:49)

"When trouble touches men, They cry back to their Lord, turning back to Him, in repentance: but when He gives them a taste of mercy from Himself, some of them pay part-worship to other gods besides their Lord to show their ingratitude for the favours we have bestowed upon them." (Al-Qur’ an, 30:33)

What is it that they have created?

The knowledge of our creator is so vast that He even knows the hidden things of the heavens and the earth. He even has the definite knowledge of all that is in mans’ heart. No thoughts come in the mind of a man but God knows it. None of the saints, the priests, the godmen or any candidate that men worship beside God has this power. God Almighty challenges them.

"Have you seen (these) partners of yours who you call upon besides of Almighty? Show me what is that they have created in earth? Or have they a share in the heaven?" (Al-Qur’ an, 35:40)

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* pbuh - Peace be upon him; It is a Muslim practise to convey prayers of peace whenever the name of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and other prophets is taken.

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Last updated on 13 March, 2003

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Hate Hurts. Love Cures. Conjecture Fails. Truth Prevails.
Islam - Bearing witness to the Truth
Seek Understanding from Knowledge/ Information
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